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Lesson 1

Course Curriculum


Section 2: What It Takes

Section 3: The Public vs. The Smart Money 

Section 4: True Binary’s 3 Rules for Trading 

Section 5: Setups 

Section 6: Risk Management 

Section 7:  Learning Trader’s Math

Section 8: Technical Analysis in Trading

Section 9: Reading a Price Chart 

Section 10: Establishing Your Edge  

Section 11: Market Structure

Section 12: Volume 

Section 13: Market States

Section 14: Introduction to Location 

Section 15: Location Pt 2

Section 16: Indicator Analysis 

Section 17: MACD Histogram 

Section 18: Divergence  

Section 19: Building Setups 

Section 20: Your First Setup: Holistic LIS 

Section 21: How To Backtest Your New Setup

Section 22: Styles of Trading 

Section 23: Market Cycles

Section 24: Congratulations!

Section 25: Furthering Your Education 

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  • Grant Goskusky


    Grant Goskusky

    Head Trader and Fund Manager at True Binary. More of an art form than an exact science, trading is the ultimate game. It gets you learning about the markets and how money flows, learning about people, and learning about yourself. It's a beautiful process that I love sharing with people who resonate with the process.

Why Join True Binary?

  • Learn how to think and act like a professional in the marketplace

    Learn the principles that separate the professionals from the general public. Learn the mindset and processes that are required for success in the market.

  • Learn trading setups that have over 30 years proven success

    True Binary only trades setups that have at least a 50% win rate while also producing at least a 2:1 risk reward ratio. Students learn world class, highly profitable setups broken down step by step.

  • Join a community of like-minded and ambitious people

    Join the True Binary community to connect with like minded traders and investors.